Monday, October 15, 2007

What Could Go Wrong?

OK, so the way I understand it is that we are supposed to post something that we thing will go wrong in the future. Present reasons why, and then link it back to chapters 1-3. Here goes. . .
One of the problems my group discussed was the US taking steps to solve the Green Project. One thing that we are doing is the creation of hybrid cars. These cars run on less gas, electricity, heck, I even saw an advertisement for a car that will run on water. This last 'new development' is what I would like to address. We are already asked as a country to conserve water. We are asked to not water our lawns on extremely hot days, or even turning off our sprinklers during the rainy season- OK that one is just common sense, but I guess some people need reminders. Anyway, it would appear that we are not fixing the current problem but merely creating an new problem for future generations. And between you and me, which would you rather be without- oil (gas) or water? Thank you very much but I will keep my water please!

Now in reference to the readings, I believe that we can best address this topic by going back to the basics: in chapter on it gives the definition of organizational communication: interaction required to direct a group toward a set of common goals. We as a country are trying to reach a common goal but the mere definition of organizational comm. speaks volumes. We are simply going into many directions to effectively reach success.

To the girls who welcomed me into their group, if I have stepped on your toes in anyway I apologize and please feel free to add on to what I have already stated if need be.

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