Monday, October 15, 2007

Joan Thach's film analysis on "Office Space."

Question: Why did the consultants promote peter if he admitted that he pretends to work?

Answer: Good consultants would actually do a good job of analyzing the employees. These consultants were doing just the opposite. It seemed like to me that the consultants chose whom ever they got along with the most to stay with the company. This relates to chapter 2's "Dialogue as Empathic Conversation." Clearly the only reason why Peter got promoted is because he shared his feelings and those consultants were empathic to his viewpoints.

Quote: "I hate my job. I'm not going to go there anymore."

This quote reminds me of Resistance to Domination in chapter 3. Resistance to domination are when individuals of little power have lesser constraints to those of higher power. Because this term is about those who are powerless having no voice, this quote clearly demonstrates that.

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