Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Didn't You Get the Memo?"

This quote is perhaps the quintessential quote/theme in Office Space. It portrays communication breakdown in everyday situation. Within the scope of the Strategic-control perspective, it was a means in which management at Initech utilize to further their Machiavellian approach of management. Peter's answers of receiving the memo were ignored/not heard/paid with apathy. By the umpteenth time that he was asked this question, it's clear that Peter has had enough of Initech's inner workings.

An interesting aspect of this film are the auditors. With the information they gained from the interviewees, they wielded the power to downside or outsource that employee. It seemed the more honest a person was, the higher the probability that he/she was going to lose his/her job. More interesting, Peter's blatant honesty and brutal comments about the structure of Initech landed him a higher position.

Does Peter's type of behaviour lead to such results in real life settings?

Maybe yes, If that behaviour is backed up with superior performance on the job and is seen as innovative. The flip side of that coin is that you're fired for inappropriate behaviour and language.

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