Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hirotaka Mizuno Officespace

Question: Should companies need more than one person to complain about employee’s mistake?

My answer is “Companies should not have them. It will only lower the motivation of employees.” In the movie “office space,” main person Peter had eight bosses who come to his place and tell same complaint. Peter had been irritated all the time because of this system. I think there is hierarchy in the company. The most powerful boss complains other person who is also powerful. This person may say “that’s not me.” Finally, all the complaint comes to Peter. Because it happens a lot to Peter, his motivation for his job is going lower and lower. At the counselor’s office, Peter explained

Peter: “Everyday is my worst day.”

I think the company Initech is a good example of the company which has wrong system of the communication between boss and their employees. I do not know if this kind of company really exists in a real world. I enjoyed this film because it is a “FILM,” but it scares me if this story is happening for real at somewhere in this world.

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