Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Holly Pepper- Driving Forces

1. Critical Uncertainty: RFID- chips that could be implanted in humans to track and control.

For years the idea of (RFID) or tracking devices being implanted in humans has been a lingering possibility. It is said that these tracking devices could control kidnapping, murders, theft, rape, keep track of medical history, crime records, identification, etc. The critical uncertainty is how American citizens would respond to this type of invasion of privacy and basic human rights. Would some individuals think it was for the better in order to keep track and protect there family members and loved ones, and help stop crime? Or would there be an uproar and a total resistance to having RFID implanted in babies and the general public? Another question to ask is whether or not high officials in the government would tolerate RFID in their own lives and how would they be monitored, and by whom?

2. Predetermined Element: Online shopping vs. shopping at the mall.

Online shopping has taken off in the last 10-15 years. At first it was something that only a small group of people where into, then came eBay, Amazon, and Craig’s list. Now online shopping is a huge part of how we consume, shop for better deals, and don’t even have to leave our houses, or bedrooms to do it. Large organizations such as Wal-Mart and Target have better online-exclusive offers when you purchase from their stores online. Males that felt uncomfortable to go on shopping trips to the mall, now turn to ordering T-shirts and sports accessories right off their favorite stores online! The elderly that find it hard to get to the stores due to physical disability can now have the convenience of shopping online as well! Online shopping has become a huge separate form of proceeds for many companies, and organizations! It makes one wonder whether online shopping makes more proceeds than the actual department stores

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