Sunday, October 21, 2007

Five is Alive

Five is Alive- Group Ideas

Pre determined- Advanced technology in the classroom- Katrena Uelese
Crit. Uncert- Adopting from third world countries increase- Katrena Uelese

Pre-determined element- Transportation (freeways, bart, hybrid, & etc.)- Robert Liu
Crit. Uncert. - Transportation expansion due to population increase + how technology will affect it- Robert Liu

Pre determined- Blackwater, how will operations and tactics of war change-Yemaya Moore
Crit. Uncert.- iphone advancements- Yemaya Moore

Pre determined- Automotive Advertising, new forms of advertising takes over traditional-Matt Everett
Crit. Uncert- Online education, obtaining accredited degrees online- Matt Everett

Pre determined- Contraceptive advances, male birth control pills, or Oprah Winfrey’s school in Africa- Cindy Forni
Crit. Uncert.- Transportation, bullet train to LA- Cindy Forni

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