Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kelly Flaherty- Office Space

Q: How does the transactional model of communication fail within the walls of Initek?

A: When layoffs are happening in the movie Office Space, the Bobs personally interview all the employees to see who the company can afford to let go. During the proceedings, two very capable, hard working men who love their jobs(Michael Bolton and Samir) are on the chopping block. Meanwhile, Peter Gibbons hates his job, barely shows up, and yet still gets promoted while the other two are fired. This is a great example of how the meaning is in the person and not the words. Gibbons, who is very articulate and confident when speaking to the bosses, catches their eye as someone with impressive managerial qualities, when in reality he could really care less. The other two men, exceedingly good as they may be, could not communicate their competence as well, and were therefore fired. I think this scenario of qualifications taking you so far before personality and charisma carry you further is becoming more and more frequent in businesses today.

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