Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Katrena Uelese- Poem

Life, Purpose, My life... My life...

I don’t know the purpose of my life
I am a giant, i am carrying the earth on my back
I fighted in my battles and never be beaten
Rabid winds got on my frozen body

Bad people, people talked to me lies
Beautiful women, erotically, lustily kissed me
All of them thief’s of a scene of the film of my life
All of them something want to get of me

I don’t know the purpose of my life
But I know when this time will come
When the purpose, ethical or not
I will understand, I will conquer, I will succeed
A breeze will make me fall, with no purpose

By: Yiannis Baki

Today’s lecture in class especially hit home for me. We went into great depth about the reasons and factors that brought us to this point in our life. I had never reflected on my past and what brought me to today, and all the explanations for it. Today’s case study was about making sense of your equivocal past. Within chapter four, we discussed systems and how they are parts of organizations; more so, we covered the idea of retrospective sense making. Karl Weick believes that people act first and later examine their actions in attempt to make sense.
Karl Weick makes an excellent point that we try to plan before acting, but that does not always happen. This leads us to attempting to have a balance between the planned and unplanned behavior we enact upon. A lot of events that happen in life we think are planned, but when reflected upon it turns out to be unplanned, or had more outside factors and influences than we had imagined.
I think it is an important concept to adapt, acknowledging your behavior and actions, while reflecting on the reasons we do what we do. I chose to come to CSU Eastbay as a psychology major but after being here for a year, I changed to a communications major and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. But as I reflected upon this path, it wasn’t as intentional as I thought. I took most psychology classes and general education classes when I arrived here, but took a communication class because it fit and seemed interesting. After that class I took a few more, and here I am today, a communication student going to graduate in June. I feel that accidents or coincident are what we think are planned behavior on our part, but really we just acted and evaluated it later to make sense.

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