Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Matt Everett: Key quote and Question, Chapter 4

Chapter 4 talks about the systems perspective, which emphasizes the important difference between a disconnected set of parts versus a collection of parts that work together to create a functional whole.

Question: What is the relevance between open systems and the environment?

Organizations do not exist as entities isolated from the rest of the world. They exist in increasingly turbulent environments that both provide inputs to the organization and receive outputs in the form of products and services. Many companies spend a lot of time and money researching the environment and the current conditions. The text refers this as “scanning.” Open systems work with the environment to be successful.

Key Quote:

“That a system is open means, not simply that it engages in interchanges with the environment, but that this interchange is an essential factor underlying the system’s viability, its reproductive ability or continuity, and its ability to change.”

This quote is significant because it proves how vital it is for a company to work with its environment. When an open system works productively with its environment it tends to create structure and keeps everything organized. In a closed system, there is little or no interaction with the environment and this can cause the organizations to become unorganized.

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