Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Errin Poston - Office Space

In the film, (forgive me for forgetting the character's name!) There was a gentleman who was quiet, mumbled when he spoke,introverted, treated like an outcast, often ignored and seemed to be little delayed. My question refers to him. Why when a person has a disability (rather speech or physical) they are given the special treatment and not treated as a 'normal' person?
This reserved man was never really heard, and his co-workers treated him as if he was a fly on the wall waiting to be shooed by someone. I observed how the 'normal' men who were employed there treated eachother as equally with a hint of respect, but when it came to the quiet man they treated him as if his opinion was invalid and his presence never existed. This movie correlates with the reading in chapter 2 and the quote that stood out to me was, "Whenever we interact with others, we engadge in conversations that affect our perceptions of ourselves." In my opinion, the man in the film acted alike he was treated because he did not speak firmly or take up for himslef, and if he did you could not understand him. He ended up distancing himslef from his co-workers, but eventually he got the last laugh.

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Organizational Media Futures said...

To add on to what you were saying about when people have a disablity why do we treat them different. I also wanted to point out that the music in the background when they were kicking the copy machine, the lyrics were uncalled for. So my question is why did they have to have the "N" word and why when there is a scene of violence a certain group is reflected from it? I'm just saying, sense you noticed the difference in treatment with the timid guy maybe I was not the only one that noticed the music.