Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kelly Flaherty- Response ch. 2-3

Im actually taking a communications theory class right now in which we are discussing the main differences between communication theory and information theory. It is interesting to see them presented here because in addition to those two communication is shown as a strategic control, and then as a process of balancing creativity and constraint. The communication theory, or seeing it as a transactional process, does seem to fall short because even though successful communication happens, organized action is the desired outcome. Communication can happen but goals will not be accomplished. This makes a lot of sense, considering that in an organization, the goal, or goals will benefit the company and hopefully in turn their employees. The balance and constraint theory splits communication into sections and makes sure that it is done effectively and in context. I work in retail, and i see different levels of communication all the time, whether it be on a managerial level, a manager-employee level, employee level, or sometimes the corporate level.It is more strategic than anything, seeing as the goal is not greater clarification. People are told to do things without knowing what the outcome is or why it is being done.

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