Tuesday, October 16, 2007

office space analysis-LaPorche Carlisle

1.Why was the company's bosses so focused on the reports?
I think that the bosses bothering Peter more than once about the TPS reports was an example of how the organization puts contraints on their employees based on how they react to certain guidelines. The lines of communication were blurred because there was no say so of the employees it was either they do the TPS report correctly or they get bothered. Also I believe the point of Peter's manager walking around with the coffee cup in his hand talking about the TPS report was a passive way of him being careless of what the employees were really doing.

2.Why is the concept of the movie much like real life instances about work?
I think it was interesting on how there were so many simiularities of real life work places today. I think the concept of the film was accurate and I believe that more people than we think go through jobs where the printer doesn't work correctly or the boss is too focused on you as the employee instead of the work you are doing for the company. I think the main reason of the boss being a pest was to make sure the employees stayed at work and had no life outside of it. The title "Office space" says it all.

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