Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Office Space

Good luck with your layoffs, all right? I hope your firings go really well. (Peter Gibbons)

This quote stood out to me b/c it takes place at a very important part of the movie. Where the two men are talking to each of the empolyees and are trying to establish who they want to lay-off. Peter acts like a jerk, walks in with sandels and jeans, not caring for the job or his position. This is the beginning of Peter's transition, into be a care free guy, he is very disrespectul, granted the two men that the company brought it were a joke but you should never act out of term in front of your employer. There is a code of conduct that he definetly defies. How this relates to the chapters we have been reading, well Peter has become a driving force in his own right, not taking anything from anyone. As well as not knowing what the future will bring for him is clearly an example of critical uncertanty.

The question I pose is what if there was someone above Peter Gibbons bose, someone to oversee his work and the work of the group as a whole. Maybe someone that Peter could have talked to in order to avoid all of the things that could of been avoided in that office?

I thought a human resources department is a great idea as stated in this blogg already, but going a little further than that what if there were assistants or coordinators or even an union to assist employees.

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