Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Heather Campbell-Office Space

Question Answer and Quote all drawn together!

What could the company of Initech do to improve the Organization as a whole?

Unfortunately this is a question with a million answers relating to American corporations everywhere. I'm assuming that was the purpose of the assignment.

A very basic answer i can give is that Initech should STOP overemphasizing power while ignoring cooperation, coordination and interdependence of individuals in groups. (component of Strategic Control)What the immediate supervisors and bosses bosses fail to see is this concept of interdependence.

The one quote that stood out to a lot of people and is really supposed to is the "Problem of motivation.....I do about fifteen minutes of real work..." -Peter Gibbons

This quote is part of the answer to the question. It seems that only few companies have the idea of reward as incentive. Not even just reward also just acknowledgement works wonders. Not realizing that both parts are needed for and organized structure, the worker and the boss.
The company if Initech is based on strategic control. A lot of times people working in those cubicles really don't know exactly who or what they are working for. as the text describes with strategic control, greater clarity isn't the main goal. The company doesn't care if what goes on. they care about the end result. A quantitative list of success. I crack up at this b/c as i stated in my comment on the chapters, i was in a very similar situation as Peter Gibbons. I worked in a corporation and started out as a real go-getter. I tried so hard to get sales and make my commission and one of two things would happen, a co-worker would snake my sale and the company didn't care, or i would come with-in cents (literally) of making my commission salary once again the company didn't care. i began to just come to work for 60 hours a week doing only about 15 min of work each day. why? because there was failed organization and communication every direction i turned.

This story and quote relates to strategic control, also with scientific management, basic assumptions; Humans function as parts or components of a machine. Managers think, workers work. Everyone should be thinking and working as an Organized network.

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