Monday, October 15, 2007

Office Space

How closely do we listen to people we work with? And does it really matter?

The scene in which Peter is interviewed by Bob and Bob is a classic scene in which miscommunication occurs. Peter is factually telling the Bobs that he hates his job, does absolutely nothing and gives them enough information and grounds to fire him. However, they decide that Peter is one of the best employees there and instead of firing him they promote him. The irony of the situation is that his two best friends, who not only work, but work their butts off get fired. Do people really listen to the people they work with?- not as closely as they should. And does it really matter?- Absolutely! If a boss/auditor doesn't pay attention, who knows what kind of mistakes may occur.

Going against what was stated in chapter 2, "miscommunication and unintentional communication are to be expected" . . . but they shouldn't be the norm.

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Nathan Jacowitz, comment response:

I think this is a great observation. I love that scene in the movie and have always thought to myself when watching it, "Those guys aren't understanding what peter is saying because they aren't really listening carefully. The reason they aren't listening is because they are power tripping the whole time and more about the actual interview process then about fact finding.