Monday, October 15, 2007

Driving Forces

Predetermined Element:
Growing technology is certain to happen and is already happening. The question is how it will affect communication in the work place. I was watching 60 Minutes last night and Best Buy employees were being interviewed about their work environment. They worked in a corporate office and cubicle environment. They were, at first, complaining about being overworked and run down but being praised for their "work-a-holic" lifestyle. Many were having health problems related to exhaustion and stress due to their work ethic that was prefered by the company. The company finally took action and accepted ethical responsibility and decided to try out a new concept. They are now allowing employees to work from home or wherever they want as long as they complete their assignments on time. Technology, in this case, is improving the health and lifestyle for organizational workers. I believe that there will be more and more companies that will opt for this kind of work ethic in the future. Technology and globalization go hand and hand. Like chapter one says about globalization, , organizational communication transcends space and time. The idea that you can be anywhere in the world and be "at work" is a new and exciting option.

Critical Uncertainty:
I have read other students comment on global warming and going green. When I thought about a critical uncertainty that is also the first trend/chain of events that came to mind for me. It has been proven that global warming is going to have profound impacts on the earth that affects all of us. The concept for chapter one that stood out for me was that world changes produce organizational changes. Organizations are assuming ethical responsibility for their impact on global warming and attempting to "go green." I think that by doing this it will help organizations regain their employess deminishing loyalty. The new social contract is one of employess looking out for themselves rather than for the good of the company. They want more time to spend with their family even if it means they will not climb up the corporate ladder. I believe that the going green will help organizations regain the trust of workers.

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