Thursday, October 18, 2007

Group: Elite Consulting-Driving Forces

Group Topic: Advertising

Lara Hodgson
1. A predetermined element is the advancement of the media and the influences it has on people. Advertising has made funding for worldwide events, magazines, newspapers, website, etc. Advertising helps businesses inform and persuade consumers to purchase their product. Each product has a target market and advertisements help reach this, the advancement on advertisement could help personalize ads to fit to each individual based on past purchases. This is a predetermined element because it is driving advertisements to focus more into their target market to reach them on a personal level.

2. A critical uncertainty is the development of protest groups against advertisements and the use of animals, sexuality, possible subliminal messages, etc. Groups and organization have developed limiting the advertisement industry to what they allow. For example, Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA) has fought up against companies such as Budweiser and California cheese saying they portray animals in a negative light. This is a critical uncertainty because based on these organizations; there could be new, stricter, FCC regulations.

Tonia Rivera
1. Cell Phones- Predetermined Force
More people will engage in using the mobile web to purchase products due to time constraints in their daily lives. Companies will target cell phones as a means of advertisement. The mobile web will be interactive and companies will design their websites so that they are user friendly and easily viewable on cell phones. Companies will encourage cell phone users to sign up to receive text messages with coupons and special offers as a way to promote their product. Cell phones will thus be flooded with advertisements.

2. Software blocking advertising on cell phones- Uncertainty
Cell phones users being bombarded with advertising might demand software that blocks advertising when on the mobile web. Some people are not interested in the latest offers and do not want their cell phones used as a means for companies to be able to promote themselves. These individuals will also not be interested in receiving text messages with advertisements.

LaPorche Carlisle
1.Clothing Brands and other companies now use popular social cultures such as Hip Hop to advertise their products. This can be a predetermined element because if this continues to happen Advertisements of those companies will expand and using popular culture drives sales from other places that may not have been familiar with the brand at first.

2. A critical uncertainty about Advertising on the Internet. Ads that are displayed online now and the technology used to create them can become more complicated to have because of the way the creators have to keep adjusting to the technical changes of computers. Items like pop-up blocker can make it difficult for ads to be displayed therefore it may cause a lack in sales for suture Internet shopping.

Lisbeth Cervantes
1. the predetermined element I chose was technology. With so much change in the technological system each hour day by day, advertisements are sure to take advantage of becoming more and more creative in order to reach a wide audience.
2. Critical uncertainty I chose was regulations and laws. Will advertisements be as effective, will people still care? And also what regulations will be enforced upon the advertising agency in the future. We have seen so much change in the the past 50 years where once it was okay to show cartoons smoking ciggarettes on the television and now it is illegal...

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