Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Chp. #4 Quote & Question

Posted By Jessica Jordan

Quote: “The unhealthiness of our world today is in direct proportion to our inability to see it as a whole” (Senge 1990 pg.100).

Significance: This quote reads into the poor application of the classical management (machine theory) perspective on organization and communication compared to the systems perspective. Specifically, the shift from a focus on parts of a process to seeing things as a whole in the systems perspective, allows us to better understand the workings of modern organizational communication. Within the systems perspective, human relationships in the workplace are recognized and needs and contingencies are addressed among other things that encourage better organizational operations/communication.

Question: According to the systems perspective, will the inability of management to recognize interdependence between people in an organization have consequences that affect communication as well as the environment?

Answer: From an ethical standpoint, if relations within a system are not recognized, communication tends to be limited in the workplace and may reflect the few in power verses the remaining majority. In effect, the expense of the company and the environment may be jeopardized as a result. For example, many entertainment cruise ships around the world regularly engage in the illegal dumping of human waste while at sea. In most cases, the decision to disobey the law and not follow plans as agreed upon is in the hands of management who wish instead to pollute the environment in order to save in costs.

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