Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tonia Rivera- Lyric and Explanation

"These Places I've Been Fired"
These places I've been fired
'Cause I need enjoyment
Not just plain employment
These places I've been fired
I just came from John Deere
Can I get a job here?

In chapter 3, the human resources approach is introduced and addresses employee creativity and organizational structure. In this approach the goal is to motivate the employees through dialogue and increased productivity will come as a result. “Situations are symbolic constructions of reality that are individualized according to personal needs, desires, and interest” (Eisenberg, Goodall Jr., Trethewey 93). If an employee feels like they are being personally fulfilled on a job they will most likely be more committed to the mission of the organization.
In “These Places I’ve Been Fired”, by Wannabemustangjockey, the individual expresses that just being employed is not good enough. While on the job an employee wants to enjoy their work. Most employees want to feel a sense of achievement and motivation. If they lack one or both then the job becomes a duty that seems dead end. Productivity decreases and the organization suffers along with the individual. In this poem the individual gets fired most likely because they were slacking off and not meeting the expectations of the company. The person then uses their last place of employment to get a job elsewhere in hopes of a different experience. Generally most people go from job to job until they find a company that has taken on the human resources approach in creating an atmosphere of satisfied employees whose personal and professional desires are being met so that the organization in return will benefit.

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