Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Comment Ch2 & 3, Driving forces – Hirotaka Mizuno

Chapter2 In chapter 2, author explains “Foundations of Dialogue: Self, Other, and Context” (page 43). Information about this was very interesting to me. According the author, self consists of two aspects which are the story of “I” and the story of “me.” In addition, each aspect has own roll. It is true that we engage in conversations that affect our perception of ourselves whenever we interact with others as written in middle of the page 43. In such a situation, we should be able to identify the concept of the story of I and the story of me. I really enjoyed reading this part when I was reading chapter 2.

Chapter 3 Chapter 3 was very much like theoretical chapter. The part that grabbed my interest was “reflections on human relations” which is written in page 84. When I was reading this part, I was thinking about my last workplace. It was not really comfortable to me because there was huge and strong hierarchy between employees. Therefore, motivation of employees was not so high. However, everybody was trying to “fit in” to its environment. Actually, this strange environment was normal to us at that time. However, I realized that we had needs of self- actualization.

Driving forces

One driving force I can imagine is about food. As a predetermined element, we can think about over population. Since population is increasing, we will have less food in the future. Therefore, I feel protective foods will take place with real food. We will not spend much time to eat, and efficiency of the work might be increased. As a critical uncertainty, prices of real food such as meat and fish might be increasing because these can be rare.

Another driving force that I can imagine is global warming. As I explained before, population is increasing. So we will spend more energy that ever before. Even though there are many choices for the transportation, people tend to choose vehicle for their comfort. Critical uncertainty that I can imagine is damage to the ozone layer because of the Co2 that emitted from the vehicles. It might bring hot temperature in the future.

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