Thursday, October 25, 2007

Heather Hooper

Assignment 1

The quote I have chosen is short but one that is easy to recognize and remember. The quote is from the 1992 film “A league of their own,” Tom Hanks is the actor who said this quote. “There is no crying in baseball!” Jimmy Dugan is the character played by Tom Hanks who is the coach of an all female baseball team during the World War 2 era.
The reason I have chosen this quote is because this film really expresses what women go through to have the same rights as men. Tying this quote in with what we have learned in this class is that the women on the baseball team were in an organization trying to work together to reach a common goal. (To win baseball games.) This women’s baseball organization reflects what was going on in our culture during World War 2 and today.
In the film it was hard for the women to join the team; they were given a drunk washed up coach (Jimmy Dugan) and were not given as much funding as a men’s baseball team. Plus very few fans actually watched the games. This film showed an organization on a small scale that reflected what was going on in real life. Women are treated differently than men, especially when they want to partake in “Men’s” activities. The quote “there is not crying in baseball” draws upon that fact that baseball is supposed to be played a certain way by men only and women just have no place there

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