Monday, October 15, 2007

Amy Elliott: Office Space

Question: Do you think there really are individuals who get treated like Milton?

Answer: I am not sure if individuals get treated like Milton on such extreme levels such as putting his office in an environment that is worse than a garage. I definitely think there are individuals who never say their opinions or who are not respected enough for their ideas to even be considered.

Quote: "I hate my job. I'm not going to go there anymore."

This quote demonstrates a couple topics in chapter three. This quote can be related to partisanship because it can be interpreted in different ways. Is this supposed to be taken literally or just a burst out of frustration? Another topic this connects to is the theory of resistance to domination. There is a chance that this individual feels oppressed or powerless at their workplace which makes them not want to even go to work. As an employee at a restaurant, I would feel like an object if my feelings or thoughts were not considered. I would feel used and disrespected if my position as a server puts me at a disadvantage just because I am not the manager or owner.

I think "Office Space" is a great example of problems that always happen in organizational communication and are, quite often, over-looked. There are definite extreme cases that are also demostrated in this film, but the overall messages can easily be interpreted and connected into many theories in organizational communication.

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