Thursday, October 18, 2007

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Hirotaka Mizuno.

1. Food market in the future. (predetermined element)
As a predetermined element, we can think about over
population. Since world population is increasing every
year, we might have less food in the future. Global
warming will also help this phenomenon because the change
of climate causes poor crop.

2. Global warming. (Critical uncertainty)
We will have rise of the sea level because iceberg on the
sea will be melted. Also, this rise of the sea level will
cause the submergence of the city. In addition, rise of
climate might bring mutation of any species.

Tamanna Roashan's Driving Forces-

1. Global Warming. The critical uncertainty is that if we do not do
something major about it now, we will have to suffer uncertain
consequences. Some may be more certain because we can gage them from predetermined
elements, such as higher temperatures, increased sea levels, and
extinction of certain wild animals due to changing climates and habitats,
but the rest is uncertain. What is our fate as the human race? How will
this change the way we live and the way we communicate with eachother?

2. Electronic handheld devices. With the release of the iPhone,
ubiquitous computing is on the rise in commercial markets. The critical
uncertainty is how will this evolve in the next 5-15 years and what type of
programs will be at our finger tips? How much information is too much
information? What will be our limitations with memory, size, cost, and

Heather Campbell

1)one driving force is the concept of credit cards/accounts/online data replacing currency/bills this is something that we are all experiencing but may not see in our everyday lives. I believe eventually all currency will be eliminated, just as paper bills are slowly being eliminated so will paper money.(some reasons having to do with control, others with the economy) The uncertainty about this is how it will all come about. Companies/ countries etc. will have to merge to achieve equal measurements for everything.

2)Having said that, a predetermined element of the future is globalization. to achieve everything that we are trying to achieve as people, we will eventually merge but the path to get there may be scarry. ie wars big brother etc.

Kelly Flaherty

1)global warming (predetermined element)
2) traffic "violations" (critical uncertainty)

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