Saturday, October 27, 2007

Assignment #1

Posted By Jessica Jordan

I chose to look at the song lyrics of a popular song by the Black Eyed Peas called “Where Is The Love?” Today the song is a bit dated but the lyrics continue to have a positive message that may influence the actions of its listeners. The overall message of the song can relate to group cohesiveness that can be achieved in the systems approach theory in regards to organizational communication. Unlike scientific management, the systems perspective understands people to be individuals and focuses on relationships and responses in order to better adapt to the changing world we live in.

Cleverly versed, certain lines in the song speak to the correlation between discriminating and hating that ultimately leave people with ill feelings towards one another. It’s amazing how realistic the chorus of the song is as it asks the necessary question, where is the love? Specifically, the mention of people getting colder and being focused with money making leads me to believe that if people don’t change and continue to mistreat others, death and suffering may become the norm for innocent victims. In relation to the systems approach and the quality of interdependence, it can be problematic when people don’t work with one another in order to achieve the same goals. Questions of humanity and inequality come up in the song that make me wonder to what extent human rights are jeopardized when people become less unified. All in all, there seems to be an information transfer occurring in the song to get people to come together and spread the need for love. From my experiences growing up and interacting with many people, it is not only about recognizing differences among others but also accepting those differences and finding ways to maintain healthy relationships with them as a result.

In a sense I can see how the fans of the song give feedback to the group by demonstrating their interest in and support for its message. By getting people to think differently than before, the group can successfully have an impact on its listeners. Like the systems theory, the song brings about a consideration for one’s environment and encourages people to contribute to its well being. By revisiting Marshall McLuhan’s reference to the world as a “global village,” much like this song, the spreading of information across cultures can help us to organize and improve the realities of those in need (pg.102).

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