Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Matt Everett: Scenario Practice

One quote from the article that really stood out to me was “It forces us – not just corporate people, but activists, artists, non-profit staffers, and just about anyone – to learn to see more clearly the possible worlds in which the unimaginable, the unthinkable, the ungodly, and the unpredictable, actually come to pass.” This shows that it is not just people in corporate offices or technology firms that need to practice future scenarios. This involves everyone.
A great example used in the article that everyone can relate to is traffic. When we get into our car during peak hours we can plan ahead by calling the free information hotline about traffic reports or accidents and we can take other routes that will take us to the same destination that was first intended. We also can listen to the radio about freeways that are clogged and we can use a map to take city streets then go back on the freeway. Life gives us many different scenarios and options and it is up to us to use our power and practice different scenarios. Another example I thought of is school fire drills. If we never practice different scenarios we will never know what to do when a fire does happen.

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