Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chapter 3 - Jennifer Medina

“The accounts of the powerless can function as hidden transcripts of the other side of the story.” (68) My sister is currently working for a veterinary hospital as a receptionist. She gives at least 110% of herself daily. She loves her job because she is able to be in an environment with her favorite animals, dogs and cats. Recently, she noticed a change in her boss. Her boss use to be great to work with. Now her boss is angry and forgetful. My sister was the first person on the doctor’s staff to be verbally attacked by her. She shared her story with her co-workers. They were in disbelief until they were also attacked on separate occasions. Now, they only share there stories with each other in hopes that things will get better and change. They do not want to have to give up the jobs that they love.

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