Thursday, October 18, 2007

Brian Roberson; Office Space, Driving Forces

Office Space
“Look at me, Peter, if you work hard good things can happen,” said by the guy who got into an accident after trying to commit suicide.
My question about is Office Space is in regards to Peter’s decline in work productivity, although his job definitely did not encourage confident workers, why was he was still able to receive a promotion?
Honesty can be refreshing when it is the blunt truth, but sometimes the caveat that blunt truth holds show the employees true nature and no matter whether he gets a promotion or not his attitude is unlikely to change.

Driving Forces
Two driving forces within our society today involve our respect for diversity and our ability to help others in need. Diversity is seen daily, the more diverse environments people expose themselves to, the more likely we are to accept and encourage the differences that makes us individuals within a society. Our human nature unfortunately does not lend to us helping others. It requires being able to decipher between what is right and what is wrong and then being able to decide on an appropriate action. Typically the more dense the population, a big city, the less likely we are to help another in need.

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