Monday, October 15, 2007

Office Space

In the movie "Office Space", what type of communication model is most clearly being used?
In chapter 2, the authors discuss different approaches to organizational communication. The information transfer model "views communication as a metaphoric pipeline through which information flows from one person to another" (29). This type of communicaiton is a one-way flow of communication in which meaning can be lost through noise, distraction and amiguity. In the movie "Office Space", the scene where Peter's boss discusses with him about the memo regarding the TPS reports is an example of this one-way communication transaction being clearly illustrated. His boss, Lumberg, is transferring his thoughts and opinions to Peter but does not allow for any transactional communication to occur between the two of them. The transactional communication process views communication as an interaction in which all persons are engaged in encoding and decoding. Lumberg simply sends out his information to Peter and is non-receptive to Peter's response fo having recieved the memo.

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