Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Office Space-Lisbeth Cervantes

The movie office space was very relatable to the people of America today because there's a ton of people who hate their jobs.
My question is why is it that two characters in the movie delt with the hatred of their job differently?

Two of the characters I thought were interesting and halarious were the main guy and the guy with the glasses that could never say anything because of his stuttering problem. I don't know what their names were. But I found it interesting how they both felt the same way about their jobs they hated it and thought it unfair. One stuck it out and one ended up expressing how he felt in a vulge manner and ended up getting promoted. The one that held everything inside ended up burning the place down because he snaped, while the other one robbed the company for a lot of money and ended up getting away with it.

The company is in formed as a beaurocracy which clearly shows it doesn't work. The managers use the classical management approach to running the company. In the end as Chapter 3 communication that occurs during work tends to slow down production, which is exactly what the managers did to the main character when they hasseled him about the memo. Opportunities for dialogue didn't exist, and employees expressed their resentment through resistance leading to work slowdowns and sabotauge.

"Everyday is my worst day"

I chose this quote because it clearly shows the hatred of the beurocratic system that the main character, Peter, works in . The non communication and the treatment of each person as an object or machine is the result of this quote (Chapter 3). I thought the movie was halarious tho.

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