Monday, October 15, 2007

Two Driving Forces

The first driving force I think is so important in our society right now is the concept of "going green." This is a driving force because we have serious problems in our future about climate Change and the adverse affects it will have on our world. We now see company's everywhere trying to make their product's more environmentally friendly. One pre-determined element that is alive and thriving right now is the fact that with climate change we will have severe weather changes and may even tap out our oil source. Which leads me to another pre-determined element, the hybrid vehicle. Which we are seeing now on the roads. A critical uncertainty is whether the world will continue to be concerned about the environment and therefore make Hybrid vehicle's the norm.

The second driving force I think is less serious but equally interesting is the idea of pet's becoming more family member's and less animal's. I have a small dog that I am extremely close to, so I have first hand experience with this phenomenon. One pre-determined element is smaller family's, people having less children and even having them later in life, making the family dog more like a child and less like a dog. A critical uncertainty is whether people will continue to spend money of clothes and shoes and bags for their pet's, will the pet spending world explode?

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