Monday, October 15, 2007

Nathan Jacowitz Driving forces

For My group we diced that I would come up with some driving forces under the technological category. So here they are:

Predetermined driving force:

I see a predetermined driving force in mobile communication technology. It is clear to me that there is a current trend which is moving our telephone and computer communication to small, mobile and portable devices at a rapid rate. In the future cell phones, mp3 players, lap top computers and text message portables will only get smaller, lighter and carry more features. Over the next 10 years we will see more cell phones and portable communication devices spring onto the scene. The I-phone made by Apple is the newest in this portable family.

Critical Uncertainty driving force:

Along the same lines of my predetermined driving force, I see a critical uncertainty in portable communications today. The ability to communicate no matter where you are is a huge driving force. I believe that this force will eventually spawn the need to communicate to anyone, no matter what language they speak, anywhere and any time. In the next 10 years there might appear a portable master translator device that is able to voice recognize major languages and translate them on the spot into the language of your choice. It might appear as a cell phone or future on an already popular communications device.


Organizational Media Futures said...

Posted by Jessica Jordan
(Nice work Nathan. Here is my portion for the group.)

Driving Forces:
1. Online Education
2. Space Travel and Study Abroad

Predetermined Element: Online Education
Obtaining an online college education is becoming popular and more affordable. Excelling academically is made more convenient for students as they decide when and where to carry out their studies at online universities like Phoenix, DeVry, and Kaplan. With the emergence of cost and time saving high school graduates pursuing college, online universities may become the norm for middle class Americans.

Critical Uncertainty: Space Travel and Study Abroad
Space travel 5-15 years from now may be available to shuttle privileged people on space tours. The experience and interest gained from such trips may trigger further space explorations and contribute to new ways of thinking relayed back to the general population. As a result, study abroad services in space may become available and spawn more modern worldviews among students that in turn encourage the development of space schools.

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Marie-Josée Demers : Driving forces (family)

The switching of school education to family education
Personal computers and Internet make access to information easier. It is also true in terms of education. Now children have acces to different tools from their laptops or PCs. This sets new bases for education in the sense that it can now provide students with online education ressources and because parents accord value to family education. On one side certain factors encourage the emergence of such a trend (like low costs of laptops, the revolution of online learning, broad éventail of tools disponible, etc.) but on the other side, other factors tend to limit this trend ( like parents’ disponibility and will to take the time to help their child, lost of a class environment, etc) this is why I think this driving force is a critical incertainty.


Same-sex marriage
With same-sex marriage being legal in more and more countries in the world, the cliché of a typical family can’t be applied to all households anymore. The gay community tends to be a new target marget for different kinds of products. The industry of mariage itself is redifined by the different needs and expectations of an homosexual couple. I think this driving force is a predeterminated element since gay mariage is a human rights matter whose’s being more and more acknowledged and respected.

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