Monday, October 15, 2007

Chapter #3 Response

Posted by Jessica Jordan

The classical management perspective on early organizational communication was interesting to read about in reference to its application in business similar to the workings of a machine. Within the text’s mention of the industrial revolution, I noted particularly the part about the small percentage of workers in the 1980’s that worked for themselves in comparison to pre-industrial days. As a result of this change over time, it is no wonder why emphasis was put on the development of theories to better explain business and communication. In addition, the mention of such a working trend being reversed now days was quite interesting. It got me thinking about the people I know who are self employed and others who have lost their jobs due to outsourcing who now may choose to work for themselves in hopes of being successful. To an extent I can see how parts of classical management can be incorporated in one’s life even now days. In regards to Taylor’s theory, as a busy student on the go, I’ll keep track of daily tasks using an electronic organizer to help me best use my time and complete work as scheduled. Furthermore, in tying up the chapter, I enjoyed finding that the human relations and resources theories brought about a new social ethic and more so allowed people to take on company wishes with respect to their own values/beliefs.


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