Monday, October 15, 2007

Office Space Question & Quote

Posted by Jessica Jordan

Question: Why did Initech employee, Tom, continue working for the corporation after he was laid off five years earlier?

Answer: An explanation for this situation may be related to the use of communication as information transfer and its limitations. More specifically, I would imagine that management addressed Tom’s termination with him years ago however, the language used in the communication process may have been oversimplified and unclear. Therefore, Tom may not have been able to interpret the meaning of the message leaving him confused. It is also possible that Tom may have interpreted things based on his own understanding which did not coincide with management’s intent.

Quote: “Sounds like someone has a case of the Monday’s.”

Significance: The previous quote can be linked to the concept of communication occurring in a particular context. Throughout the movie, this quote was directed at Peter by coworkers passing him by in the office. It can be inferred that Peter’s confusion with the saying may have to do with his misinterpretation of the context in which the statement was made. Moreover, Peter’s lack of understanding during the brief communication exchange with his coworkers more than likely blurred the intent of their words.

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