Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Organizational Communication Chp. #2 Response

Posted by Jessica Jordan

Most of all, I found Table 2.1 on pg.41 to be helpful in understanding the different approaches to organizational communication. Particularly, in the Transactional Process approach, the quote “you cannot not communicate” was interesting and something I hadn’t considered before (pg. 31). The importance of this quote is that any form of behavior can be a message and in many ways is made up of nonverbal communication. A lot of times I think nonverbal communication is so common that it is not necessarily recognized as it occurs. Also, I found the Balance of Creativity and Constraint approach to be relevant compared to an experience in my life. Like other students, I’ve taken a few classes within my major in addition to a GE class during the same quarter. For me, going from my business classes to an art class in the same day was quite a change in dynamics as I shifted from a constraining classroom setting to a creative classroom setting. As a result, I am left to wonder what it would be like to take a class that incorporated some form of each environment. Furthermore, I found truth in the discussion on the foundations of dialog. It makes sense that the way one thinks and talks about their role and relationships within an organization will in turn influence their behavior and perhaps impact the performance of that organization in some way.

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