Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Group Brain Stom on Driving Forces

The driving forces we came up with, are Oprah Winfrey, the Internet, and transportation. When my group came up with these topics, we thought a driving push is something that drives, or something that works as a catalyst for other things. We chose Oprah Whinfrey because she is a person who came from nothing and has established the opportunity to surpase anything that had once brought her down. She had a vision to give back to the community. She built an all girl school in Africa with room and board. The African girls were students who walked hours and hours to get to school. These girls who once did their homework by candlelight, and thats not by choice.

As far as the Internet goes it keeps getting faster. Computer Geeks are constantly researching and studying different ways to make the PC better. This might compel students to take more onling courses.

As far as transportation goes there has been talk of a bullet train from here to LA in two hours. The implementation of the hybrd city buses, soon enough we will all be riding in hybrd's.

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