Thursday, October 11, 2007

Katrena Uelese- Org Comm. Future Scenario Articles

Building Future Scenarios

This article is about planning for the future by having a strategy or a plan to make a good decision, based on all the uncertainties that the future presents. The main goal is to be aware of such events (forces) that may influence one another changing the future in different directions. Being aware of these events will help us make better decisions when certain things come up. The article mentions Social Dynamics which are especially interesting to me as a student focusing on Advertising. Lifestyle, demographics, demand, values, etc, are all important for advertisers to follow. The main point of future scenarios is to know all the possible changes that may be made, and how it will affect us. It mentions that we should attempt to minimize all the uncertainties that we can, this will help us be ready to handle the future as it changes. This article was very helpful for a graduating student, looking for a job that will have a promising future.

Scenario Practice

This article makes a strong point with this quote, “It forces us – not just corporate people, but activists, artists, non-profit staffers, and just about anyone – to learn to see more clearly the possible worlds in which the unimaginable, the unthinkable, the ungodly, and the unpredictable, actually come to pass.” Scenario practice is to prepare us for the future, but with the background and research of all the possible outcomes. It mentions an interesting issue about how far into the future can you plan for. 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years, at what point is too far where there are too many uncertainties to eliminate? Most recently we see several school shootings and just today there is another incident. Have schools not prepared for such emergencies, or payed close attention to the signs that might signal a school shooting. Although there are several uncertainties, I feel that planning and creating future scenarios for the worse cases like these will be very beneficial to everyones future.

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