Saturday, October 13, 2007

Holly Pepper- Driving Forces, Predetermined Element, and Critical Uncertainty

There were many driving forces in the world right now that my group came up with. The few that really caught my attention where.

1. Individuals becoming more attached to their pets due to the more independent and growingly lonely society we live in today.
2. Children growing up in daycares due to both parents working in order to survive financially.

Predetermined Element-

Suddenly I am noticing that in society today a pet is not just a pet anymore. There are whole aisle’s dedicated to just the pet’s clothing at Target, celebrities take their pets in their purses where ever they go, and there are pet psychics that talk regularly on TV shows and the radio. Pets are now even being prescribed animal anti-depressants, and can be stuffed when they die so you can keep them in your house forever. In China pets are also a highly adored companion, “it is not difficult to see white-collar couples devoting more attention to animals than to kids” (International Market News,

When I was growing up I had many pets that I adored and took good care of, but there was never a thought in my parent’s or neighboring parent’s minds that our pet’s where just another “one of us”, or that they should be doted like a “royal heir”. My pet was my pet, I would feed it every day, would play with it, love it to an extent, and feel sad for a day or two when it got older and passed away. Now things have changed, and for what reason’s we have to ask ourselves?

Critical Uncertainty-

A critical uncertainty to consider for the future is how far people are willing to go for their pets. Will pets replace children? Replace partners? Will pets be treated better than children, have more rights than humans, and be more protected by the government than the abused spouse, or handicapped old man with no insurance? While animal protective services break down doors to confiscate an abused animal, will police and social services do the same for a battered husband or wife that feels their safety is being jeopardized? This is an important question to ask considering how hard it is even today to request a restraining order for a person who feels their safety is in jeopardy. Will an animal’s safety be taken more seriously because they don’t have a voice, even though they are not human?

Recently Millionaire hotelier Leona Helmsley died and left 12 million dollars to her dog. This poses a huge example for how far someone will go for their pet today, and how it could affect our society in a negative way if it were to become a fad or reality in the future.

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