Friday, October 12, 2007

Driving Forces by, Rena Blake

In my group we decided to split up our task into sections and mine was agriculture.

Driving Forces:

1. One driving force in regards to agriculture could be the situation involving immigration.

2. Another driving force may include the competition between larger farms and smaller farms(farmers markets).

(they both can be tied into one another)

Predetermined Element:

The book discusses "efforts to fight both racism and sexism on the way to establishing economic parity"pg. 25. I feel this is essential in dealing with problems with immigration in the United States. While the Economy is currently benefiting from the work of laboring immigrants on farms, at some point the issue will need to be handled differently.

Critical Uncertainty:

The book talks about the relation between I and we(our community and or social groups)in chapter 2. Going back the issue of immigration, if the illegal immigrants gain citizenship they will no longer have to work for slave wages. We do not know what outcome is to be expected from all of this. However the work still needs to be done. Wages could possibly be increased, or the need for man may become obsolete and machinery will then take over. Foresight is definitely necessary in either case.

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