Monday, October 15, 2007

Deliah Taylor Chpt 2

The section in chapter 2 about communication as balance of creativity and constraint stood out to me the most. What I found interesting was the two competing perspectives that examine the relationships between employees and organizations, and on a larger scale the individual versus society. The macro perspective views the individual as being constrained, controlled and modeled by society, or the organizations, social and moral ideologies and rules. Whereas the micro perspective views the individual as creating the rules and ideologies and even pushing, testing and breaking those set rules and values. This ying-yang perspective and comparison perfectly describes societal norms and conduct. I believe as a society or organization we have the ability and capacity to construct our own set of rules, this can be found in smaller organizations such as in churches, schools and even within a family structure. Without social rules or norms as guidelines for organizations, cultures and societies, we would find much chaos and disorder, but these rules are defined loosely enough to allow creative and rebellious behaviors.

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