Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lois Rosewood: Chapter 2

I can relate to the definition of communication as "the moment-to-moment working out of the tensions between the need to maintain order (constraint) and the need to promote change (creativity)" on page 42. My workplace is a fairly new nonprofit organization where the full-time employees are swamped with things to do. I'm a natural "idea" person and when I started working there I had a lot of creative ideas for improvement. I ran headlong into the obstacle of "constraint" and worked around it effectively.

For instance one of the first suggestions I had was to correct some errors in the driving directions to our office that we were displaying on our website. I pulled up the screen at work and tried to show it to one of my supervisors and explain that people were being sent down the wrong road because we were telling them to get into the wrong lane, but she said she didn't have time to look at it. So I sat down and carefully described the problem in an email to that supervisor, which resulted in someone going into the website and fixing the problem.

I've written enough emails suggesting improvements so that now I have the authority to go in and fix things on our website whenever I want to, which is affirming to my creative side.

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