Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lara Hodgson-Group Project Critical Uncertainties

Critical Driving Forces:
1. Technological Issue- Computer securities are needed since the new advances in the Internet. Since the Internet can process and send everyone’s personal information, the need for security to protect people’s personal info is important. With the threat of identity theft, security is a high priority.

2. Social Dynamics- quantitative, demographic issues. People’s lifestyles are changing and a lot of people are beginning to live through the web. People have online accounts, such as myspace, facebook, and so on, in which they interact and meet new people. The society is also coming out with new portable devices in which allows us to stay connected through mobile devices.

3. Economic Issues- since the new trend is being connected and having an online account, it is important to maintain security through all devices.

Uncertainties in Driving Forces:

1. Political Issue- The FCC might come with new laws in the protection through the web. Since technology is growing, there might be new regulations through the FCC.

2. Technological Issue- Since we are advancing through technology, people with a higher knowledge may still be able to hack into systems even through high security. This will be an ongoing threat with leaves people uncertain if they could trust within a company for 100% security. Who can be sure that they will be protected?

3. Economic Issue- the affordability of the security to lower class people. Will security be offered to everyone? Or will it be only to those who can afford it? How available will Internet security be to people? There are different priorities through different economic standpoints. The security of certain new technologies will determine whether or not people will trust their personal information to the device.

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