Sunday, October 14, 2007

Katrena Uelese - Predetermined and Critical Uncertainties

Predetermined and Critical Uncertainties

We have learned that predetermined elements are forces that we can anticipate with certainty, because we already see their early stages in the world today. We know they are inevitable because we have observed the trends and patterns that provide truth to these predictions. However, they can surprise us because, while the basic events are virtually predetermined, the timing, results, and consequences are not. We do not know exactly how these events will play out, or precisely when they will occur. One predetermined element that comes to mind involves technology. Our world is rapidly absorbing new technology every day, and soon enough higher education will be consumed will technological devises. I presume the lectures will be done by video or holograms, and all assignments will be electronically submitted and all desks will be Smartdesks. Our school in 20 to 30 years will be completely transformed to the electronic world.
A critical uncertainty is will adoption become more prevalent with the years to come considering the recent trend of Hollywood stars adopting. So many stars or idols of Americans today are setting an example, adopting from 3rd world countries. It is not known if this is a temporary trend or in the long run if this will become a societal norm or desire for most Americans.

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