Sunday, October 14, 2007

Holly Pepper- Office Space

When watching the movie Office Space I thought of the question, “Should you take your employees seriously?”

I felt that the communication between the managers and Peter was constantly condescending, and that the managers were never really listening to Peter, or his responses. They constantly reminded him about the memo and if he was going to use the new cover sheet but never listened to Peter when he told him he got the memo, and was going to use the new sheet. It was like no one took him seriously.

The Movie made me think of Douglas McGregor’s Theory Y Management in Chapter 3 (pg. 89). He believes that an employee is capable of working prosperously with the right guidance and that it is not in his natural nature to truly dislike work and be untrustworthy of tasks, which is what the “Theory X” (pg.89) implies.

The quote that I liked best in this movie that also supports my question is when Marshall the stuttering man with glasses says, “If they take my stapler then I'll set the building on fire.” Which as we all know he ends up doing. Too bad no one took him seriously.

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