Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mike Liebhold

I found Mike's discussion very interesting but at the same time I had an issue with a lot his future vision. To me it sounded as if for most of this digital tagging to take place as he described, there would have to be thousands of individuals willing to take the time and effort to actually research and post the information free of charge. This assumption seems based on there being all of the fans of this new type of media willing to take there time so others can share in this digital information gathering. Obedience really comes into play for me because I feel a lot of society is not going to care about all this tagging or virtual themeparks and are not going to participate. This will happen much in the same way many people backlash now against social networking sites like myspace, and facebook. Those wanting actual human communication may steer away from this type of technology and end up creating two groups of people: a plugged-in group, and a face-to-face contact group.

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