Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gattaca Assignment Prompt

Hi Everyone,

Post two insights and observations about the film Gattaca on this blog by Tuesday, Nov. 13. Bring in printed copies of your post on Tuesday to class on Nov. 13. How does Gattaca relate to what you have studied in terms of ideology, hegemony, and power? What does an ideology of genetic superiority mean and how does it invade people's lives in the film? How do two of the four frames of chapter seven: gender difference at work, gender identity as organizational performance, gendered organizations, and gender narratives of popular culture
apply in the film? Especially if you substitute the term gender with genetics? What aspects of gender discrimination are similar or different from genetic discrimination? Is it happening today? In using scenes from the film as examples, use and explain the terminology in the text. If you use a quote, analyze and explain how the quote from the text or the film is relevant. If you wish to relate personal experiences, explain how they are relevant to the film and text.

Prof. Brooks

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