Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Katrena Uelese- Mike Liebhold

Guest Speaker-Mike Liebhold
I enjoyed the presentation by Mike Liebhold for a few different reasons. It related to the topics of future and organization that we discuss in this course, Comm 4840. I love that technology is advancing and to imagine what new gadgets can do for us, and how they can change our lifestyle. I am taking a class that focuses on technology, and it stresses that technology can shape the way we live, but we can shape the way technology is used. The more the speaker discussed this new form of technology, the more concerned I became about confidentiality and social skills. It seems that if a machine knows everything about us, there is nothing left for us to discover ourselves. Confidentiality raises an issue with technology that gives out information without having to ask for it. Although this will make life more efficient, it also seems it makes humans more lazy. The future of technology is always changing and allowing us to do more, access more, and create more than we ever could before. Overall, I definitely enjoyed this presentation, and enjoy thinking about endless possibilities.

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