Tuesday, November 13, 2007

GATTACA - Hirotaka Mizuno

The film gattaca was the story which represents one of our futures. In this future, people do not discriminate others because of the differences of race. However, people discriminate others based on their gene.
This movie applies to frame1 which is gender differences at work. In the film, Vincent and other male basically engaging report talk. The ways they express their feeling was often direct and assertive. Also, they tend to demonstrate their skill, ability, and knowledge. Female uses rapport talk. Even though Irene was suspecting of Vincent as criminal throughout the film, she was still supportive to Vincent.

Another frame which is applying to the film is gender identity as organizational performance. Irene was one of the few female in the film. However, she was acting as if she won’t let anybody feel that she is female. In the working place, she always wears black suit, and knit her hair tight. According to our text, micropractices refer to the moment-to-moment behaviors, actions, and communication messages that we use to bring ourselves into being in everyday life. It looks like Irene was really careful about each of her action and behaviors.

I believe the term that represents the relationship between the film and the three aspects of communication ( Ideology, hegemony, and power) was “competition.” In the film, everyone always looks serious at the working place. They work hard, and most of them are thinking to be the best with their great gene. There were scene of swimming competition between Vincent and Anton. In this future, competition might have much stronger meaning than present in terms of proof their identity.

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