Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gattaca 2 observations and insights.....Lisbeth Cervantes

Insights and observations:
1. I observed that this film had the whole concept of "Big Brother" down. Our society today is lightweight getting toward keeping an eye on people. When we are born we are given numbers to identify ourselves. These numbers knows as Social Security Cards, allow other people to steal our identity, look up our past criminal records, look up our credit scores, our past driving records, basically everything personal that the government wants to control is available through that number. In the movie Gattaca it all has to do with the blood type that one has. Discrimination is prevalent in that world through genetics, just like the world we live in now, the color of ones skin, which is also genetic, determines what kind of future we will have. The white man who was a janitor had no power, in fact he bowed down the people that worked in the science lab because he felt worthless. This used to happen amongst blacks and whites back in the 18-1900's. There are many similarities between their world and our world today.

2. In regard to the terms from chapter 6, they created an ideology that if one could be made perfect then the world could advance faster, this would also allow the government to place people in their "proper" places in regards to jobs. Hegemony, which gives the elite class to basically rule the world, was given to those who were born genetically perfect. They were the ones who made the decisions in regards to society and living standards. Power, which is usually given to the haves, in this case belonged to those who possessed the greater genes.

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