Monday, November 26, 2007

Mike Liebhold (IFTF) - Jennifer Medina

Mike Liebhold's talk about Blended Realities: Work In Progress emphasized key points that I have learned about in many of Professor Brooks classes. Mike Liebhold talked about the importance of helping people think systematically about the future. He explained that The Institute for the Future (IFTF) does not predict the future; they forecast what the future will be like. This forecast process involves foresight which includes sensing, insight which includes making sense, and lastly taking action.

I really enjoyed learning about the idea of context-aware environments. Mike Liebhold explained that in the future he imagines technology working simultaneously with our personal calendars, so that stuff is done for us before we get to our locations. This would be amazing because this would eliminate some daily stress from our busy and hectic lives. I can imagine that my assistant has called in sick for the day. Instead of stressing myself out by thinking about that 8:00AM meeting that I need to physically prepare for, I walk into my office and find my meeting agenda, presentation, notes, and everything else that I need for my next meeting available. These resources are ready without me having to press a button or rely on a person to get them ready for me. How grand life would be!

Thank you Mike Liebhold for taking the time to share some of your forecasts with us.

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