Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Joan Thach. Gattaca Assignment

The Gattaca movie relates to ideology, hegemony, and power. Interesting enough, the film had a perspective of people no longer prejudice against skin color, but prejudice against genetics. The ideology was that, who ever had great genetics are bound to be the best and can qualify to work in high position jobs. There are many forms of power portrayed in Gattaca. Reward power was demonstrated when Vincent who pretended to be James Monroe, was rewarded formally to go into space because of his hard work and great genetics. Coercive power was enforced when Irene's boss told her to do as he says or she'll lose her job. Refferent power was mentioned vincent is willing to do what james ask to be like him becuae he is a charismatic leader. Expert power was demonstrated the first time vincent met james. There was a gentlemen who introduced them. He was the expert about vincent stealing his identity. Vincent was respecting his expert knowlege to be like james. Finally, Legitamite power was showed in the movie when vincent complies with jame's wishes because james holds a high-level position in hierarchy.

Gender differences played a great part in Gattaca. Whether it was in work/life, organizational performances, gendered organizations, and gender narratives of popular culture. Since tannen explains in the book that men report talk while women rapport talk, it is very true. For instance Irene would make connections with the boss when he told her what to do. Or when the investigators asked for helped, she helped to provide support. When Irene was with Vincent, she would show personal and concrete details when she conversated. Men report talking was demonstrated through out the whole movie. It seemed like men were in higher power than the women in their organization. Men would automactically have knowlege, skill, and ability to do anything they wanted. There were a few women like that but more men than women. Irene also seemed more nurturing because she helped with all the petty stuff when someone would ask her to. Micropractices was performed through out most of the movie. this was when vincent had to work to change his identity everyday to live as james monroe. he performed what was the norm of society.

Is it happening today? yes, to a certain extent. we still have some gender discriminations in organizations. Sometimes we have genetic discriminations as well. for instance, when someone is disabled. someone might think the disabled person is incapable of doing his work, when really he/she could be really talented. Also, if you are applying in the model or acting industry, genetics does matter. It seems like not everyone can make it to hollywood or be a model. there are some guidelines like height, talent, and looks which is some what of genetics.

Sorry i have no quotes. i just recaped on what i remembered from the movie. I hope that is okay.


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